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Hang & Level Picture Hanging Tool

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Product description

Quick User Guide: 
1.Put your photo on the hook 
2.Put your photos on the wall and find the right place 
3.Press the button, the nail can accurately mark the position of the nail 
4.Hammer the nail directly into the mark 
5.Hang your picture and level it using the tool 
6.Repeat to create picture groupings 

Picture hanger can be used for all wall materials. 
Is built on vertical and horizontal levels. 
No sharp edges, safe to use. 
Suitable for a variety of suspension systems, including wire, frame hooks, d-rings and keyholes. 
Suitable for hanging pictures, clocks, mirrors and oil paintings. 

Product Specification

Material: ABS material 
Color: Yellow 
Size: 5.1inch x 3.5inch 
Weight: 5.53 oz