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FOLDiMET® The Ultimate Portable Safety Helmet!

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Portable and Easy

This portable safety helmet is designed to be a space-saving, portable last resort helmet for people caught up in an emergency. It folds down to a streamlined shape for storage, but can be expanded out to a concave shape in less than a minute.  You can even place this inside your bag because of its revolutionary design, so you don’t need to worry about bringing a big helmet next time.

Adjustable and Safe

This safety helmet is made of a very strong polyethylene synthetic material to offer excellent head protection. Thanks to the adjustable harness with securing sprocket, the helmet offers a tight fit for everybody. It is durable, well balanced and has an extensive range of accessories.


You will not be conscious of the bad smell of your helmet because it is breathable and it is able to  lessen your sweating compared to your ordinary enclosed helmet.You get all the aspects of safety and aesthetic appearance at the same time